Hello beautiful people! As promised we are starting a blog and our first official article will be posted this Monday, April 30, 2018! We want to continue building our sisterhood of creative, driven, and eco-conscious women by providing articles you'll care about! We already love and adore each and every single one of you, so we can't wait to connect with you on a more personal level! These blogs will let you into our hearts, minds, and personal journeys building this brand. We want to also educate you with some great resources on sustainability and brand building! 

    The blog will have new articles twice a week, written by our founder, Dynasty George and blog manager, Mary Kate Brown! We are also open for submissions, so email, with your article to be considered!

We have narrowed our topics down to 7 core categories that we hope will resonate with you all on a personal and spiritual level!



1. Identity

Discovering who you are and loving her.


2. Faith

Navigating your relationship with Christ in this world.


3. Wellbeing

Everything you'll need to know about self care, beauty, and mental health.



Sustainable practices, awareness, and tips!

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5. Travel

Inside of our mission trips and work with artisans aboard.


6. Relationships

Growing with ourselves and others organically.


7. Hustle

Behind the scenes into our grind and information to help you with yours.

We hope you are as excited about these topics as we are and we can't wait to dive into each of them with you!



Dynasty George